Campaign Platform

We need to take action now so that can have a better tomorrow.  Below are Carlos' stances on the issues.


Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSEducation is the cornerstone of our society.  Our public school system is crucially important to our society.  We need to fully fund our public school system.  Our children are our future doctors, lawyers, business leaders, etc. 

If elected I will find ways to make our schools safer, fully funded and promote quality teaching by promoting and advocating for a quality education.


Minimum Wage Increase

Too  Much TrafficMinimum wage is currently at $8.10/hr and Carlos believes that the minimum wage needs to be increased to a minimum of $10.00/hr to adjust for the cost of inflation and increase in prices of goods and services.  If elected, he will work with fellow congressmen and women to find a common ground on increasing the minimum wage.


Promote Diversity


Diversity is very important to our community.  Many in our society are victims of discrimination mainly racial and gender discrimination.  If elected, I will promote ideas and help enact laws that protect the basic rights for all so we can have a diverse society that is respected and supported.




Promoting Sensible Gun Control



Carlos believes in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a citizen's right to bear arms. Every lawful U.S. citizen should be able to possess a weapon of his/her choosing to defend himself and/or family.  Carlos will promote common sense gun control laws such as universal background checks before purchasing weapons.  He will also promote strategies to prevent gun violence.  As a lifetime NRA member Carlos will promote legislation supported by the NRA.

Restore Civil Rights of Felons



Carlos believes that once a felon has completed their court-ordered sentence, they should have their civil rights restored.  The current laws on the books are antiquated and need to be revised.  By revising these laws, former felons can be a productive member of society by gaining employment, education and restoring their voting rights.



Our veterans need comprehensive services to be compensated and rewarded for the service they have provided to our nation. Freedom is never free and the least we can do is take care of our veterans both mentally and physically.  

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